Please make sure you answer all questions below honestly and provide accurate and up-to-date information. If you don't, your cover may be cancelled, and the Mutual could reject any claim you make or decide not to pay it in full.

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What type of business would you like to cover? * ?

Please tell us from the dropdown list which option most accurately describes your primary business type. There will be a further option to provide a secondary business type later in this section.

What is your company registered as? * ?

Sole Proprietor - Also known as a sole trader. This refers to a type of business that is owned and run by one person e.g. Mrs J Smith t/a Smiths Cafe

Partnership - In a partnership you and your partner share responsibility for the business e.g. Mrs J Smith & Mr K Patel t/a Smiths Cafe

Limited Company - A limited company is a type of business structure that has been registered with Companies House e.g. Smiths Catering Limited

Limited Liability Partnership - LLPs are registred with Companies House which must consist of at least two partners and have at least two partners designated to assume additional legal responsibilities on behalf of the LLP e.g. Smiths Catering LLP

Charity - A non profit making organisation

Club/Association - A group of individuals unified by a common interest or goal

Do you carry out any other business at the premises? * ?
Please confirm if you operate any secondary businesses at your premises that you have not already defined above

What is the trading name? *

How many years have you run this business or a business of a similar nature? ?

Please note this should include the number of years you have run your current business as well as  previous businesses of the same type

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Please enter the Postcode of the address to be covered

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What is your estimated annual turnover? * ?

This should be the estimated annual income of the business for the whole of the current financial year

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This should be the estimated annual wageroll of the business for the whole of the current financial year

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